EPSM 2017 Program

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The theme for this year’s EPSM Conference is “Future of Medical Physics – ART and Science”. Planning is well underway for a comprehensive program offering exciting, innovative and creative presentations that embrace the theme of ‘ART’ or ‘art’ in science and engineering. Please download the pdf of the program for an overview. This will be updated as speakers are confirmed.

Varian Breakfast Symposium - Early experience with the Halcyon™ System

Come and learn about the Halcyon radiotherapy system – the latest innovation in cancer treatment. Powerful, yet subtle. Advanced, yet simplified. Halcyon was designed to change the world of radiotherapy to make it easier for you to change the lives of your patients.

  • Tuesday 31 October 2017, 7:30am – 8:45am, Wellington Room 1
  • Selena Hsieh (Product Marketing Manager, APAC, Varian Medical Systems Pacific, Inc.) will provide an overview of Halcyon with Talia Jarema (Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist, Radiation Oncology Centres, Toowoomba) presenting on the commissioning and early implementation of Australia’s first Halcyon.
  • Breakfast will be served from 7:15am.

3D Slicer Workshop

The following 2-hour workshop will be held as part of the EPSM 2017 program. If you are interested in attending please advise when you complete your conference registration online. Numbers are limited to 15 participants.

3D slicer (https://www.slicer.org/) is a free software used to generate 3D models from CT data which can be printed on a 3D printer. Models can be very useful in surgery planning, particularly maxillofacial work. In this workshop participants will go through all the steps from loading a CT data set, cropping a volume of interest, thresholding the volume to extract the bone surface, separating anatomy, creating a 3D model and saving the data ready to print. Participants must supply their own laptop, with 8GB or more memory and have 3D slicer installed (http://download.slicer.org/). We will be using two CT data sets which must also be downloaded from here and here. If you would like to get a head start watch the online tutorials listed in the Slicer help section, such as this one

ARPANSA Diagnostic Reference Level Workshop

An opportunity to hear about the establishment and review of diagnostic reference levels and to discuss how they can best be used to assist in ensuring that diagnostic imaging using ionising radiation is optimised.

  • Tuesday 31 October 2017, 11:00am – 12:30pm
  • Presentations from ARPANSA on DRLs and the current data collection activities.
  • Invited presentations from Peter Barnes and Dr Zoe Brady on DRL activities in their respective organisations.
  • Have your say in the open discussion: how do you manage DRLs at your facility? How useful are they? What can be improved? How can ARPANSA and the ACPSEM support optimisation efforts?

Radiochromic Film Discussion Group

This group will provide an opportunity to discuss film dosimetry methods that are currently being used in routine radiotherapy medical physics clinical practice in Australasia. A goal will be to compile a consistent set of advice that would meet the requirements of the ROMP Clinical Training Guide Learning Outcome “Understand the physical principles and operation of film for MV and kV dosimetry”.

There will be a focus on the range of radiochromic products from Ashland, in particular Gafchromic EBT3 scanned using non-specialist flatbed scanners. A review of the use of silver halide film will be conducted. Can expertise be maintained at current levels of use?

TEAP Update Session

This TEAP update session will bring attendees up to date on items as diverse as the Moodle Upgrade being implemented in 2018, accreditation processes, changes to CPD programs affecting TEAP Supervisors and the resources available to them, results of a national survey of TEAP Registrars, and matters relating to the Commonwealth’s view of and intentions regarding the TEAP program. Opportunity will also be taken to workshop Supervisors’ views on some topics.

The intended audience of this session is TEAP supervisors but it will also be constructed to appeal to any attendee interested in the College’s CPD programs, opportunities to supervise or the new Moodle platform.

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