Ivan Williams

Ivan Williams

Associate Professor Ivan Williams is the Head of the Medical Radiation Services Branch and Chief Medical Radiation Scientist within the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

Ivan was initially trained at PeterMac as the TLD ‘gopher’, leading to significant involvement with patient dose measurement, especially TBI. This naturally evolved into TBI planning and the intricacies of non-standard treatment planning system uses – an interest which he continues to maintain. After breaking one of the hospital’s farmer chambers, Ivan was tasked with re-establishing the corrections for the repaired chamber on every beam across all PeterMac facilities. This gave him an appreciation of the subtleties of dosimetry, and instrument vagaries. Ivan was then posted to PeterMac’s new Moorabbin clinic as the solo on-site physicist. Whilst there he completed an MSc by designing, building and successfully testing a parallel plate ionisation chamber.

Ivan was attracted back to full-time research by the Australian Synchrotron. His PhD investigated whether phase contrast imaging (PCI) could be used with conventional mammography sources to enhance mammography, leading to clinical trials within Breast Screen Victoria and an appreciation of the complexity of kV imaging. After completing the PhD in 2008, Ivan moved to St Luke’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, initially as Principal physicist, then as Acting Head of the Physics Department. In 2010 he was recruited by ARPANSA to develop and deploy a national dosimetric auditing service for radiotherapy providers; the Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service, or ACDS. The ACDS has since developed into a highly competent radiotherapy dosimetry auditing service, recognised internationally.

Ivan is a Medical Physics Specialist within Radiation Oncology Medical Physics, ACPSEM board member, Co-chair Board of the Better Healthcare Technology Foundation, and Member of ICRP Committee 3 Radiological Protection In Medicine.

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